The Glee Cast remembers Cory

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Thank you all for helping me through this time with your enormous love & support. Cory will forever be in my heart. – Lea Michele

“[Cory Monteith] was the greatest dude you’d ever met. Never met anyone who said anything bad about him. We’re all going thought it. Everybody loved him…I spent more time with him than I have with anyone in my family in the last three or four years…We’re a family. If he’s out there watching, I would want him to look down and give me a high five.” – Chord Overstreet

“So thankful that I and so many of you got to experience Cory’s overwhelming kindness, humor and talent. There will not be a day that goes by that I won’t miss him. Thank you all for your incredible support and patience.” – Kevin McHale

“The entire Glee family and I are deeply saddened by this tragedy. Cory was and always will be a part of my own family and a good friend. He was a special part of this world and will forever be missed. My heart goes out to Cory’s family and Lea and while we are grateful for everyone’s well wishes, privacy during this time of grief is greatly appreciated.” – Naya Rivera

“Cory Monteith was a great guy; Funny, deep, thoughtful, and hardworking. In real life, he was the coolest dude, generous, and a great friend to his pals. As Finn Hudson, he did what so many actors strive to do: authentically portray human behavior in a specific, understated manner, thereby eliciting laughter and creating camaraderie with his audience.
If an ability to show others kindness and fostering fellowship are two qualities that all humans should strive for, Cory mastered them long before he died. He deserved a long life. His death has rocked all of us at Glee.” – Mike O’Malley

“I have never lost a friend. In this difficult time, I am leaning on all of the wonderful memories we shared with Cory, how many ways he was able to make us smile. Glee was a gift to all of us. It gave us a family in this industry.

We really cut our teeth and grew up on this show. In playing underdogs, we learned that we had dug into the hearts of our viewers and that we could stay there. Cory is so deserving of that place in everyone’s hearts. He was one of the most generous and kind people that I have ever met. He had a smart, curious mind, he was an enormous talent. He was loving to not only me, but my family.

My heart goes out to his family, to Lea, to everyone that is struggling with the loss of our friend. We will miss you Cory. We will always carry a piece of you with us.” – Dianna Agron

Yesterday I got to sit with my Glee family and remember a man I considered a bother and friend. With a very heavy heart, RIP Cory Monteith. Continued prayer for his family and Lea. Sendings hugs to all you gleeks. – Amber Riley

“[Let’s] get the elephant in the room out of the way. Um, yesterday we lost a great— a great soul and brother of mine. Uh, Cory Monteith died yesterday, who plays Finn on Glee. And um, I just wanted to come here and kind of talk— not really talk, I just wanted to sing a song. Brad and I, Brad and I knew him very well and uh, he was a beautiful person and he just passed away much too soon. This song is for Cory.

[He sings “Kiss Today Goodbye"]

Thank you. Um, Here’s the thing about this show, it’s like what do you do in this kind of situation? It’s uh, so awkward and strange but um, I came here to perform a show and you guys came to see a show and that’s what’s going to happen. We’re gonna have a good time and we’re gonna do it in Cory’s honor. Thank you.” – Matthew Morrison at a show in New York

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  1. Dear glee club i started watching you show and i loved all the episodes im trying to watch season 4 episode 7 i cry when finn and rachael arent together i cried especially on the last episode of season 3 now every night i just think and sometimes cry about Cory glee needs him hes one of a kind no one can replace him we all love him RIP CORY WE LOVE YOU ♥:(


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