Monteith Set to Appear on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”

November 10, 2011 || Written by Andrew in Cory Monteith, Glee, Media, Recent Headlines, Television Shows || 32 Comments

We have some great news! Cory Monteith will be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show next Tuesday. You will find more info about his appearance after the cut where we embed a recent interview by ET.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Show: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Airdate: November 15th, 2011 @ 3/4PM
Synopsi: She’s played everything from a fairytale princess to a nun, to Amelia Earhart, now Amy Adams is sharing the screen with a group like none other — The Muppets! The lovely, three-time Oscar nominee is here to tell Ellen about her role in the brand new Muppet movie that’s about to take theaters by storm, and what it was like working with her childhood heroes! And he’s the heartthrob with the heart of gold on the hit show “Glee,” Cory Monteith is here! There’s more drama than ever on the high school musical that everyone’s talking about, and Cory’s here to fill Ellen in on all of the details! Then, there’s a big surprise for one of Ellen’s viewers that you won’t want to miss! Plus, Ellen has the premiere of the trailer for the new Snow White movie starring Julia Roberts, “Mirror Mirror,” and will make a big announcement about a generous surprise for her 12 Days of Giveaways with Groupon! It’s one giant Tuesday on Ellen!

Update: Today Cory has been removed from the short synopsi posted on Ellen’s official website. We guess he’s not going to be on the talk show anymore.

Cory Monteith and Lea Michele on ET


32 Responses to “Monteith Set to Appear on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show””

  1. Cory is so sweet…. always :)

  2. I can’t wait!!! This will mark Cory’s 3rd appearance on Ellen, she must really love him compared to the rest of the cast and its no wonder he’s so damn adorable, sweet, funny and humble!! Who would’ve want this guy back?!?

  3. That’s great! I love Ellen so for me it’s a damn good combo. :)

  4. Of course she does forsakenthemoon19! hes a sweet down to earth guy..her favorite!

  5. lol “it was like having sex infront of our parents”- cory!!! haha

  6. I seriously feel like giving up on this show, its ridiculous to have to search for scraps of Finn/Cory in each new episode when he used to be a pivotal character in the first two seasons of glee and now he’s being sidelined (while mediocre weaker actors are pushed to the forefront all because they are the supposed fan favorites), not to mention the overrated actors like Lea, Chris and Darren get all the damn attention!!! I can’t stand it and I know alot of tv critics are complaining about it, especially some of ones that reviewed this week’s episode are saying Ryan Murphy is still “underusing” Cory, which is completely unfair! The reason why characters like Tina, Mike, Mercedes, Artie, Puck etc never get good arcs is because they are the weaker ones (the less appealing to the general audience) same goes for Brittany and Santana (they should have remained the background humor) and no one is watching glee for Sue or Will!!! This whole thing is mutany, Cory and Finn both deserve so much better:((

  7. yeah sue became a bit too soft or something..totally boring the show down..along with minimal cory screen time.. most people were looking for finn or cory storylines..the rest of the cast is just so so in quality! time to hire a new cast with the exception of cory to save the show RM!

  8. I “heart” Cory on the screen and appreciate his dedication to empowering/educating teens off-screen. I, too, had a rocky start and am moved by his story. Just a mom-of-three trying to guide my kids down a different road than the one I took for awhile. And yes-it is never to late to bloom.
    I watched “The First Time” with my brood and was pleased to see first time teenage sexual experiences portrayed within the context of loving, respectful, monogamous, long-term relationships. I also appreciate the messages about sexual decorum (sex is private and it is considerate to have it when everyone is not at home). Kudos to the actors for taking this risk on prime-time and kudos to the creative forces behind the show. In doing such a tasteful and responsible job of putting out such important subject matter to a young audience, I think the show needs to take it a step beyond love and the potential for teenage baby-making and to somehow tie in awareness of sexual transmitted-disease prevention for both heterosexual and homosexual couples. It is so clinical and unromantic to talk about genital warts, and the like and is probably h%ll for ratings, but going on on a limb with a teenage audience carries with it the burden of “going all the way” (sorry for the pun-couldn’t resist). Again-this was really well-done and quite powerful-so much so that I decided to send this out-signed middle-aged mama gleek

  9. This question is for Forsakenmoon 19 I mean this in the nicest way did u even watch the last two episodes of glee Cory was in it alot the scenes he did with Lea were so sweet they are both amazing actors and have amazing on and off screen chemistry I’m not attacking u in anyway but could u please not be mean to Lea she’s corys friend Cory is amazing

  10. @Kim how was that question supposed to be nice at all? It sounded as if someone was getting their back up because I don’t like Lea and I have the right not to. Yes I watched thoes episodes, I’ve been watching this season since it started and its been terrible!!! He was barely in First Time what are you talking about, his scenes were cut down and the only major scenes he had with Finchel not Finn himself! He had more moments in Pot O’ Gold compared to this week! Its embarassing watching him go from being a pivotal character in the first 2 seasons to scraps here and there in season 3!! I don’t care how you look at it but of course you being a Finchel fan (more so Rachel fan) wouldn’t notice these things cause you’re satisfied with where he’s at, as Rachel’s pet/personal-cheerleader/boyfriend. I think RM is being totally disrespectful to Cory’s acting abilities in this manner compared to everyone else like say Lea, Chris, Matt, Darren and Jane!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be glad when he’s off glee cause then he can find somewhere else to put his talents to use, glee is so beneath him at this point!!!!!!!

  11. Another thing I don’t believe Cory is as close friends with Lea as you’d like to believe. He said once himself that they’re like “oil and water” and one can only interpreted what he really meant with that phrase (beisides squishing thoes ridiculous dating rumors). He’s a way better person than she’ll ever be!!!

  12. Wow I am so sorry just asking a simple question didn’t mean for it to sound harsh I apologies just to clear this up I don’t like Rachel more Finn is amazing he is kind i really want him to have his own story line too I like them both the same

  13. @Kim fair enough I just rather Cory get more chances to stretch his acting muscles like he sorta did in first time (because he soooooooo good) and work more with Chris istead of always being paired off with Lea and Darren at times (its stupid Kurt is supposed to be Finn’s brother!).

  14. nice surprise for me birthday hopefully see it on cmd cant wait;]xx

  15. cory not on ellen anymore on tuesday they must be filming important stuff on glee trying to get episode 8 and 9 done soon as think there behind shooting them

  16. :( wait..I’ve already rearranged my schedule to be home when it’s on. Okay, not really, but I was going to make sure I’m home

  17. if u go ellen site he removed from day i think there behind shooting glee and thanks giving coming up too

  18. Hey guys btw Cory is getting 2 songs in this coming episode WHOOHOO!!!!! He’s singing in “Hit Me With Your Best Shot/ One Way Or Another” (with Naya obviously) and “I Can’t Go For That/ You Make My Dreams” (with it sounds like Mark). I’m officially excited for this episode, OUR BOY SOUNDS AMAZING ON THESE BRAND NEW TRACKS!!!!!!!!!!

    you can listen to the preview here

  19. can’t wait for that ^^^

  20. I can’t wait for that, too. ;) I hope that be Mark.

  21. are u sure hes not going to be on ellen

  22. So guys… Cory isn’t on Ellen now. But listed for Wednesday none other than Dylan McDermott of American Horror Story. Anyone else smell a rat?

  23. ^Yep I do and it’s name is Ryan Trollface Murphy:/

  24. lol saw that and didnt think twice bout so rather see cory than dylan!! i was ready to be up first thing in the morning to see if i could get stand by tickets haha

  25. Amber, is it worth emailing Ellen’s prods to see when he will be on?

  26. Cory is going to be on the show,sooner or later… since they taped it… I mean 15th is the airdate right? And the show isn’t live…

  27. When i checked my DvR, it still has him listed for Ellen on Tuesday.

  28. yeah mine too danii but he wont be there trust us

  29. sarah i doubt they will respond but try to rach cory he might answer via twitter

  30. Guys certain sections of the Glee fandom are tweeting the writers asking them to give us an official Furt duet!! WE NEED THIS TO HAPPEN SINCE ITS LONG OVER DUE!!!! For thoes of you that have Twitter accounts please help us send the message to RIB that we need this duet to happen this year!!!

  31. Im I getting crazy ? Cory was not on Ellen today :( Do anyone knoes why ?

  32. sorry I didn’t read well… thanks for telling us :)

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