Emmy Exec Producer Acknowledges Pressure For Big Tribute To Cory Monteith

July 30, 2013 || Written by Kristina in in memory, Press || 4 Comments

“Something that reflects an homage” to late Glee star Cory Monteith is in the works for the September Emmy ceremony, but “what the extent of that is, or how we’re going to approach it… well, it’s too early to tell, Emmy Awards executive producer Ken Ehrlich told Deadline in an exclusive interview during a break today at TCA. But Ehrlich admitted he has been receiving some pressure to pay larger tribute to Monteith, which presents the producer of a three-hour celebration of television with a certain dilemma. “If Cory had passed away in March, we’d have had four months to look at this with a little more perspective,” he said. “The reason we’re getting all of this discussion now is because he passed away two weeks ago. But we are going to deal with it.” He added that an homage to Monteith involving music that’s done separately from the annual “In Memorium” honor roll of those who have passed away is indeed under consideration.

Source: Deadline

4 Responses to “Emmy Exec Producer Acknowledges Pressure For Big Tribute To Cory Monteith”

  1. My response is twofold: First, sorry Cory’s untimely death was inconvenient for you, Mr. Ehrlich. I’m sure James Gandolfini will receive a great deal of posthumous accolades even though his death was only a couple of weeks prior to Cory’s. Second, I hope that whatever acknowledgement they do about Cory is done respectfully considering the way he died, and that they respect Lea’s and his family’s privacy and feelings with that acknowledgement.

  2. How insensitive can you be Mr.E. Are you such a dolt that you couldn’t have
    come up with a better way to say that? Like, it’s to close to the show to change much. What an ass you must be to work with.

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